PHP on Cowboy Web Server – The Update


Cowboy is an awesome web server – it’s simple, small, fast, standards compliant, and highly scalable. It also provides easy ways to get started with RESTful web applications. Its downside is that, unlike with Apache, nginx, and other more mainstream servers, it’s only usable in Erlang (and related BEAM languages) environments.

There used to be a couple of projects long time ago (2011!) that added FCGI handler module for Cowboy version 0.4, but they were never really maintained beyond the initial release. They quickly became incompatible with rapid development of Cowboy.

Current work

Now that the modern version of Cowboy is 2.0 (as of this writing), I decided took take a stab at updating those 2 projects to work with it. And here’s the result:

There are enough quick start steps and examples in that repo to get most developers experimenting. Regardless, in the next post, I’ll go deeper into how one can play around with this setup in greater detail.