Simple PHP Object Oriented Framework

This marks the initial release of Simple PHP Object Oriented Framework – spoof on Well, I intend for this to be a framework, but I’m starting with the extensible core – the main class library. To that end, the first crack is at:

  • autoload
  • data access components

Autoload is a simple implementation for spl_autoload_register:

  • one class per file
  • \namespace1\subnamespace\MyClass automatically turns into [root_dir]/namespace1/subnamespace/MyClass.php
  • you never have to use require_once again

Database components are a more significant undertaking, as they are designed to be language, connection and execution agnostic.

Finally, currently both PHP 5.2 and 5.3+ are supported. However, I am making a full use of PHP 5.3 namespaces which are not backward compatible. I would expect to continue work on 5.3+ version only.

Please check it out and feedback is more than welcome.